Greiner expands with new production facilities


In the first stage of construction a new, sustainable industrial building with production space and office space of about 6,500 m² is built. It holds work places for 70 to 80 employees of diverse occupations. The new industrial buildings are planned according to most modern guidelines and offer a convenient indoor climate and working atmosphere thanks to state of the art heating and ventilation systems. Emissions to the inside and to the outisde are being avoided, numerous solar panels are producing a high share of the needed energy environmentally friendly.

Completion, move-in and startup is planned for summer / autumn 2020. The office part of the building is planned to hold work places for ten employees of Rosenberger Automotive Cabling, the former "Holocher & Bauer Kabelkonfektion" company from Ötisheim, which is a part of the Rosenberger group since 2019 and runs production facilites in Hungary with about 200 employees.

Planning of the new facilities started in 2017, in close coordination with the town Neuenbürg as partner in planning as well as the company Harsch, several other planning bureaus Breunig and diverse government agencies. Thanks to the cooperation and the effort of all participants it was possible to start the construction in a very short amount of time.