Rosenberger Open Line


The Rosenberger Whistleblowing Platform

Ethics and Compliance is not an abstract concept but a code of behavior that applies to everyone within our organization and our partners. Rosenberger has defined those requirements in its Code of Conduct, the Supplier Code of Conduct as well as in the Rosenberger Ethics- and Compliance Policy.

Our employees and business partners can submit information about violations of the Rosenberger Code of Conduct, the Rosenberger Supplier Code of Contact as well as any laws via our whistleblowing platform "Rosenberger Open Line". We will investigate every message very carefully. While investigating a a case we will protect the source and any involved employees and oblige to a fair process. We do not accept any discriminations against any person, who is submitting a message through Rosenberger Open Line with integrity. Also, we will not tolerate any misuse of Rosenberger Open Line. We reserve the right to take certain measures in case of misuse of Rosenberger Open Line. Any investigation will be in accordance with the law, especially in terms of confidentiality. The principle of the presumption of innocence applies for any person who might be accused.

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